William Carvalho

Front-end Developer Junior Java Developer Freelancer

My Experiences

Jun 2021 - Present

Web Developer


My expertise lies in developing and creating websites for small businesses, catering to a wide range of clients, including those in the e-commerce sector, barbershops, beauty salons, cleaning companies, restaurants, among others.

Within the scope of my responsibilities, I provide client consulting, conduct research, project planning, and ensure timely delivery.

Oct 2022 - Dec 2023

Service Desk Onboarding Team Leader

Altice USA - Portugal

As a leader, I was responsible for overseeing and enhancing the onboarding process for new employees within the organization. This involved guiding new hires through the available technology and support services at the service desk, helping them integrate into the company’s IT environment, and ensuring they possess the necessary tools and knowledge

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Junior Java Developer

JamHub Solutions - Portugal

I Developed websites for public institutions like hospitals, city hall utilizing technologies such as FreeMarker/JSP, Servlet API, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL, along with a foundational understanding of HTML/CSS and Javascrip

May 2017 - Jul 2018


Noonan Services Group - Ireland

In this role my responsibilities included team organization and management, providing daily services to guests and creating strategies for completing the services on time. In this role, I worked with a diverse team and developed strong communication and collaboration skills.

Nov 2009 - Aug 2016

Project Analyst

Dell Technologies - Brazil

This role involved project management and planning for manufacturing and warehouse operations in a high-energy, collaborative work environment. I developed tools using VBA language to enhance and automate processes. Additionally, I focused on improving performance and processes, leading to increased efficiency in productivity, quality, and resource allocation. As part of a dynamic team, I contributed to developing strategic solutions to address various challenges.


My Skills


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